Sick Children

If your child is ill (vomiting, diarrhea, has a fever or unable to participate in the program) he/she MUST be kept home for at least 24 hours.

If your child becomes ill while at the centre you will be called to take him/her home (vomiting, high fever, diarrhea or any other contagious condition).

Any incidences of communicable disease will be posted on the front bulletin board. All health regulations will be followed.


Every room has a toy cleaning schedule.

Toys are washed during nap time.

Rooms are vacuumed everyday in the evening or when the children are outside.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is very important in stopping the spread of germs and viruses.

All children wash their hands before and after meals , coming from playing in the gym or outside and washroom breaks. Staff also hand wash during these times and before and after diapers changes and nose cleaning.

We encourage you to wash your hands and your child’s hands when you arrive and leave the centre. We have sanatizer located at he front entrance for your convenience as well.

Children 3 and older are asked to bring toothbrushes for brushing teeth after lunch.

Toilet Training

Once in the toddler room, children are taken to the washroom for bathroom breaks – whether they are using the toilets, or need a diaper change.

Staff can assist with toilet training, please speak with them directly.


Prescribed medication can be administered but must:

  • have Doctor’s prescription with it
  • be in the original container with the parent’s written permission

We have 2 locked boxes; one for refrigerated medication and one for non refrigerated.

Outdoor Activities

We try to take the children outside twice a day unless it is -20(toddlers/preschoolers) and -15(infants)

  • If your child is too sick to go outside, then they are too sick to be at daycare that day.

Ensure your child has appropriate clothing for the weather.

Release of Children

If you require someone other than yourself to pick-up your child then you must:

  • Provide daycare staff with a written notice of who will pick-up the child.
  • Individual must present photo ID when picking up your child.
  • The individual must be 16 years of age or older.

Child Guidance

The goal of the child guidance policy is to guide children to develop a sense of control and become aware of basic limits and expectations.

Behaviour is handled in a positive way. We use a calm and gentle approach. Distraction to another toy or activity is used to overcome conflicts.

Rules are simple and consistent.

Positive behavior is acknowledged and encouraged.

As a last resort a child may be removed from the group for a short period to regain control and to talk about what happened.

NO verbal or physical punishment is used.

Grievance/Complaint Process

During your initial visits to the centre, please make us aware of your expectations.  We will ensure that you are aware of ours.  If a problem or concern arises, please discuss them with your child’s primary caregiver.  If their response in not satisfactory please discuss it with the team leader/program director.  If necessary a meeting will be set up with Corinne the Director to resolve the issue.  We will all benefit, if concerns are brought to our attention.  When a problem with a child is ongoing, we may seek an outside referral.  If a child continuously has difficulty or if the issue is not resolved to our satisfaction, the parents will be asked to remove their child from the centre with or without notice.

Complaints can be logged, regarding non-compliance of the Child Care Licensing Act and Child Care Licensing Regulation, to the regional Licensing Office.  The identity of complainant is not divulged to the license holder.  All complaints are investigated.  Written complaints submitted by the parent of a child enrolled in the centre will be responded to in writing by the Regional Licensing Office indicating whether the complaint was verified and that appropriate action has been taken.  Complaints can be anonymous.

Address: 7th Floor 9942-108 St
Edmonton, Alberta     T5K 2J5
Phone :   (780)427-0444    Fax:  (780)427-1622

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement in our weekly planning is always encouraged and helpful. We’d love to bring in the children’s home life into our centre. Some examples are come in read a book/sing songs, bring material (photos, props) to share related on the topic or come in and talk about your profession or experiences related to the topic. Any type of involvement is welcome. As it gives our children and families more opportunities to participate. We email a “Parent Involvement through Weekly Interest Based Topics” sheet where we ask for you to fill out and email back so we can accommodate your involvement.

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McKee Child Care Centre may watch DVD’s and Videos on certain occasions.

These occasions may be:

  • To watch something on video/DVD relating to the rooms planning for that week.
  • To watch something on video/DVD during a day when the weather is too cold or rainy to go outside.
  • To watch and participate in children’s yoga video/DVD.

Staff will have watched the video/DVD prior to the children watching it to make sure it is appropriate for them to see.

 Technology/Social Media Policy

The goals of photos and videos within the classroom setting are to enhance learning, share experiences with families & rooms within daycare, assist with assessment of the child’s development through play and activities and contribute to the sense of community that the children build with one another. Such images shall never be used for monetary gain by any party; nor will they be created without the signature permission of the parent(s) who is enrolling in the program. We ask that parents understand that photograph and video images are a standard and routine occurrence within our program, especially in those that utilize photographs for display and learning purposes. Therefore, McKee will obtain parental permission at the time of enrollment.

McKee Child Care Center will also seek additional authorizations to utilize photographic or videotape images for educational and or publicity purposes (website).

The child’s name and or identifying information will not be used in any publication or educational use of the image. The child’s name will only be used in the creation of the portfolio, celebration cards, and goodbye cards for the child’s family.