Below are some of the most commonly asked questions at McKee:

1. How long is your waitlist?

Our waitlist times fluctuate throughout the year. Please email us to find out the exact wait time.

2. Are there regular inspections?

Provincial licensing officers will visit every 6-12 months unless they feel they need to come more regularly. The last inspection report is available at the front of the facility for anyone to review.

3. My child is sick.  Do I get a refund for those days?

No, a refund will not be issued for sick days, appointments or vacation times.

4. Can I get a tour of the facility?

Yes, if you are interested in McKee childcare, please contact us to arrange a time.

5. Are you accredited and when is your accreditation and license renewal?

Yes, we are accredited. Our accreditation renewal is every 3 years in March and our License renewal is every 3 years in December.

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