Nutritious, well balanced meals are an important part of care at McKee.  We ensure the proper servings of all four food groups are incorporated using a variety of children’s favorites. We follow the Canada food guide in our meal planning and a full-time cook prepares all meals on-site.

Sample daily menus:

Morning Snack: Bagel/cream cheese, peaches, orange juice
Lunch: Perogies, ham, green beans, milk
Afternoon Snack: Animal crackers, apple, milk

Morning Snack: Waffles, strawberries, milk
Lunch: Chili/bun, corn, milk
Afternoon Snack: Yogurt, grapes, milk

Morning Snack: Life cereal, fruit cocktail, milk
Lunch: Scrambled eggs/pita, tomatoes, milk
Afternoon Snack: Bran muffin, banana, milk

Meal plans are rotated every five weeks to allow for variety.

Food Allergies/Exceptions

Parents must inform staff of their children’s allergies, which are then posted for all staff. Food alternatives are made for those instances.

Some children may not be allowed certain foods for religious or health reasons, and McKee staff will make alternate food choices available for them. If your child is a vegetarian, you must provide their lunch.

Parents must provide this information upon registration at the centre.