About McKee Child Care Centre

McKee Child Care Centre is a locally owned, non-profit accredited daycare centre in IMG_2459Southwest Edmonton. In operation since 1978, McKee’s mission is to provide a welcoming, safe and   quality child care experience.

With interactive, well rounded staff we deliver a nurturing program which fosters your child’s unique social, physical, language, intellectual, creative and emotional development.

Learn Through Play

McKee Child Care Centre utilizes a “Learning Through Play” philosophy.
Current research indicates that play is the most natural and effective
means for children to acquire knowledge. Our aim is to develop a
partnership with the parents and community by sharing knowledge
that will benefit the optimal growth and development of your child.
We maintain a warm, relaxed, caring atmosphere where children
feel secure.
By providing the foundation of a developmentally appropriate early childhood program we promote the individual social, physical, language, intellectual, creative and emotional needs of your child.

This is enhanced by planning the children’s program around their needs and interests as well as experiencing weekly topics.

Some examples are Magnets, Things that Fly, Mixing colors, Exploring the Ocean, Our Family, Bugs, Cars.  Dance, movement, yoga and music are also an active part of our program which all provides an opportunity to develop each child’s creative expression. We have Music, Zumba and Yoga classes with instructors that are brought into our centre.

We observe children and when appropriate we include them in the planning process by asking them open-ended questions. We choose a topic based on these observations. We utilize the Nippissing District Developmental Screen to monitor children’s development and to assist staff with providing developmentally appropriate activities.

Example: Child A, child B, child C and child D were playing with small rubber animals. They all choose aprons to wear. They were talking about baking and the ingredients they needed to make some food. Child A had the red apron and asked for all the red ingredients. Child B, child C and child D did the same with a green, yellow and blue apron. After accumulating their ingredients (animals) they went to the quiet corner and started baking. They used bowls and started to mix the ingredients together. One child kept all the same colors while the other two girls shared their colors. They put their prepared bowls in the oven and waited. One girl said “the time is done, take them out.” All the girls took their bowls and the one girl took an animal out of each bowl saying “I like child B’s because she used the same color.” Staff could include a program plan about color mixing.

Open ended Art: baking soda painting explosion Water: different containers filled with water (different colors and size lids/containers. Child can mix the colors and see what happens. Story time/songs and games: twister game, how does this color make you feel? Scat the car (telling a story using felt)  Math: Find different colors in the room and sort them according to the container.  Science: Link paper towels in 3 different colored jars and watch the colors absorb. Move up the towels to see it mix a different absorbed color.
Gym time we play ‘red light green light’, parachute and yell out your color. Cooking time:  painted toast with colored milk (toasting it and eating this for snack). Dramatic Area: Art gallery with easels, paint pallets, bowl of fruit etc. Quiet play: Mixing colors with eye drop, colored hair gel sensory bag.


All of these activities help your child to learn about mixing colors and the world around them.  These activities occur in a fun environment through play.  Staff will act as a participant and facilitator, and observer; guiding and ensuring each child’s individual needs are met.  The staff’s role will vary depending on the activity or experience taking place.


Corinne Emerson, Director

McKee Child Care has been in Corinne’s family since it opened in 1978. Corinne began working at the centre alongside her mother in the family business.

Corinne holds her Early Childhood Education Diploma and Level 3 Certification from MacEwan University as well as a Business diploma from NAIT. She is a member  of the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta (AECEA) as well as Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF).

Corinne has been the Centre’s Director since 1991 and owner since 1999.


McKee child care centre has 16 staff members. The majority of staff have their Level Three Child Development Supervisor Certificate, which is equivalent to a Diploma in Early childhood development. All other staff have early childhood schooling and experience in early childhood.

All staff have:

  • first aid training
  • criminal record checks
  • intervention record checks